The establishment of VDF is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the Fundamentals of National Resistance”, Regulations on Voluntary Formation of Territorial Communities, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine resolution № 1449 of 29.12.2021 and the Head of Lviv Regional Military Administration order № 13/22 of 10.03.2022 “On measures related to the formation of voluntary formations of territorial communities of Lviv oblast territorial defence zone”, which, in particular, approved several sample documents required for the formation establishment.

In addition, Lviv oblast VDF Headquarters has developed recommended forms of other documents to facilitate and assist initiative citizen groups and unify the documentation that will be received in accordance with the procedure in public authorities and local self-governance bodies.

The headquarters of  Lviv oblast volunteer formations of territorial communities are to advise communities and their residents on the formations establishment and operation, organise individual and collective training of potential paramilitary units members, coordinate interaction of volunteer formations with public authorities executive bodies and local self-government bodies, collect operational information and carry out other organisational and coordination activities to ensure the safety of Lviv oblast communities.

For consultations and samples of documents on registration of VDF, provide the following information to the e-mail hq@dftg.lviv.ua:

  • Full name;
  • Raion and territorial community to establish a VFTC at;
  • The approximate number of future VFTC members;
  • Mobile phone number.
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