Teach DFTG military skills:

  • Basic hostilities in the city
  • Patrolling
  • Intelligence
  • Disguise and concealment
  • Ambush
  • Tactical medicine
  • Basic card reading
  • Vehicle recognition
  • Informing about mines
  • Protection / security of the group


  • Confirm and deepen basic military weapons skills and tactical movements learned in the base course
  • Develop a disciplined, motivated, proud member of the DFTG

In order to:

Prepare volunteers to perform tasks provided by law.

Key learning outcomes

Fighting in urban conditions

  • Demonstrate an understanding of primary and secondary lesions
  • Provide the right skills for training, breakthrough and sweep
  • Demonstrate proper formation technique and approach


  • Understand the principles and stages of a planned ambush
  • Be able to plan and conduct a planned ambush


  • Be able to recognize and apply basic gestures according to NATO standards
  • Take appropriate tactical formations

Camouflage and camouflage

  • Understand why objects are visible
  • Use appropriate personal camouflage


  • Understanding the principles and stages of reconnaissance patrol
  • Be able to plan and conduct short-range reconnaissance patrols

Key learning outcomes

Defensive and guard actions

  • Know and demonstrate the responsibilities of a sentry
  • Know the functions of the guard, rapid response team and patrol
  • Know how to prepare a building for defense
  • Know how to set up a vehicle checkpoint

Car recognition

  • Identify key equipment and know its significance
  • Be able to distinguish between friendly and hostile insignia


  • Know how to properly provide first aid in the field
  • Apply the tourniquet correctly
  • Apply the chest bandage correctly
  • Properly demonstrate airway clearance
  • Know how to conduct a tactical evacuation of the wounded

Reading the map

  • Demonstrate an integer indication with 4 and 6 significant coordinates
  • Be able to measure distances
  • Be able to use a coordinate system and a magnetic compass
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